Persevere and Thrive
Carly, 23. Soon to be Philadelphia transplant, born and raised in the Valley of the Sun. Lover of books, coffee, good friends, the outdoors, being active, vulnerability, and LIFE. Currently trying to realize my dreams and live the life I have imagined.

There is just something about bluegrass/folk music that I love. I remember driving through Kentucky as a child on our way from North Carolina to Wisconsin and listening to a local bluegrass station, and I believe that was the first time I was moved by music.

I am currently obsessed with the Cold Mountain soundtrack.



My friend’s fb status. Wanted to share.

I spoke up to a cat-caller today!! Don’t worry, Mom, it was in broad daylight on a well-traveled street. Here’s what happened:

I was running at lunch and as I passed, he said “Looking good, Beautiful”.

I stopped running, walked back to him and…

"Courage doesn’t always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the
end of the day saying,
“I will try again tomorrow."
Mary Anne Radmacher, Live Boldly (via kvtes)

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Washington :)




Camping with my boyfriend! Last pic is from our 6 mile hike, got caught in a monsoon halfway!

Life without Tumblr:

-My sister graduated from high school (and will be attending NYU on a full academic scholarship in the fall!)
-I turned a very glorious 23 years old (no sarcasm there…)
-worked, worked, worked. I had my last day at the therapy clinic in June and my last day as a medical scribe 2 weeks ago.
-l worked out a lot with one of best friends which was an absolute blast. We called our workouts “therapy sessions” because a) sweat and endorphins and b) talking in between sets. I was actually quite happy with my body this summer and proud of the work I put in! I have lagged behind a bit this past month, though.
-Hiked a lot, mostly by myself, sometimes with friends, always with my dog :)
-I shadowed an orthopedic surgeon in the ortho OR and saw 3 total knee replacements and an open shoulder clavicle repair with allograft! It was an amazing experience and further solidified my desire to become a physician.
-said goodbye to one of my best friends who left for PA school. We did a girls trip up to Sedona and hiked and swam at Grasshopper Point, it was so much fun!
-Submitted my AACOMAS application (for osteopathic medical school). It should be verified any day now!
-Went on a camping trip with my boyfriend on the Mogollon Rim, but had to cut it a day short because of intense monsoon weather. Typical Arizona.
-Planned my best friend’s Bachelorette party and bridal shower! The planning was stressful but it was totally worth it- she (and the rest of us) had an amazing time! 
-went to Seattle/Bellingham in Washington with my mom last week for my cousin’s wedding. We stayed at a lake house with the family on Lake Whatcom and it was a dream. I am in love with Seattle, and even decided to apply to the DO school in Washington because of our trip!

Next up:
I am flying out back East with my boyfriend’s family for his White Coat Ceremony for medical school and will be there for 3 days, and then I will be taking the train to Philadelphia on the 9th. My dad will be flying out to help me move and to also join me as a tourist for a few days! Orientation is on Thursday, going to the Luke Bryan concert on Friday with my friend who lives in Philly, and then classes begin Monday. Woohoo!

I am back!

Hello everyone, I have finally returned to Tumblr! :) I made a last minute decision to delete my blog in May when I realized that I felt like I needed to share everything on here and I found myself feeling increasingly negative towards myself. I believe this was because by writing about “me” so much (that’s what personal blogs are for, I guess) caused for more scrutinous self inspection, and I felt like I was becoming more and more self-centered in real life. I didn’t like who I was becoming and needed a break! I had every intention of returning at some point, because I really do love Tumblr and I love following all of my favorite blogs and seeing what you guys are doing daily with your amazing lives!

Life without Tumblr was surprisingly normal, and I felt like I was more connected to my friends and family. I didn’t analyze every bit of myself daily nor take daily selfies. I just lived in the moment and went with the ebb and flow of life, and thoroughly enjoyed my last summer home in beautiful Arizona before moving to Philadelphia (!!) next week! 

I was planning on returning after I’d moved and was settled in, and making this blog more about my next chapter (postbacc masters program in Philly), but now that my  boyfriend has officially left for medical school, I need a) something else to occupy my mind, b) another outlet for emotion and expression, and c) to (ironically) begin focusing on myself again, in terms of being my best self and organizing my life. What better place to do that than Tumblr?!

I’ve missed you all!! Can’t wait to go follow everyone and see you guys on my dash again :)

I’ll post a “life update” later with pictures!