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I went apprehensively to my first genetics lecture this morning; some acquaintances who had taken the course before said they hadn’t gotten much out of this particular professor’s lectures. But then an amazing thing happened! The professor announced that the course was going to be different this…



So I was driving yet again through the boring vast expanse of corn and soybeans, like I’ve done too many times in my life, and I started daydreaming about Arizona.

I thought about lying on a rock in Sedona, smelling the warm fragrant air, listening to the wind rustle the juniper branches.


"From the very beginning you are being told to compare yourself with others. This is the greatest disease. It is like a cancer that goes on destroying your very soul because each individual is unique, and comparison is not possible."
Happy Thursday!

Last day of class for the week, even though Friday is a designated all day study day!

— I hit the gym at 8:00am with the roomie for a pretty solid leg day! My legs are currently jelly, and I struggled on the 10 min walk home haha.
— Breakfast-ed, showered, and now sitting down with a big cup of coffee studying immunology.
— We had a review session yesterday for the material we’ve covered so far and it was super helpful! But it also made me realize how little I know.. eek! Time to step it up haha
—I posted on our program facebook page about going for a run this weekend (I’m too scared to run outside by myself!), and lots of other girls responded and it looks like we are going to do a group trail run! I’m hoping this turns into a weekly informal running club :). One of my (new) friends also wants to run a half marathon, and we were both thinking of doing the same one in March! It will be nice to have someone to train with :).
— We have our school’s activities fair today before class! I am super excited to get involved in some of the clubs on campus. As a grad student, I am actually able to join some of the med student clubs! I am particularly interested in the pediatrics club and wilderness medicine :). 
—I also need to step it up in terms of nutrition because I need to fit into my MOH dress for my best friend’s wedding in October (that I accidentally bought in a size too small and they no longer sell them. ugh :( ). 
—I might actually be social and go out with my friend in the city tomorrow night, unless everyone wants to go running Saturday morning, then in that case I’ll just stay in. But it is a long weekend and I have nothing else to do besides study/secondaries, so having a night out would be welcomed! 

But, the best news of the day is, my boyfriend is coming to visit me NEXT WEEKEND. I GET TO SEE HIM IN JUST OVER A WEEK. I am so happy!! :)

"Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success."
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Important things- science and making the perfect chocolate chip cookie to fit your tastes. Found on

The science of COOKIES, YAS PLEASE. 



grey blazer outfit is my fav

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boyfriend just got a 98% on his first med school exam. So proud of him! Hopefully I can say the same (or similar) when my first exam comes up! :)