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The Corner Bakery Cafe is my new favorite place! Mainly because I can walk there and they serve breakfast all day ;)

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7 hours ago | Oct 20, 2014
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Happy Monday!

Overall I had a pretty good day today. I’m feeling good because I’m completely caught up in class at the moment and am now aiming to get ahead, but the downside is I’m already slightly overwhelmed with the volume of material. Also my time sheet was due today for work study the lab and I’m supposed to receive my first paycheck on Friday, but I’m really nervous it wasn’t received! It was due at 9am via email and I submitted it at 8:20am (had to hunt down my professor for a signature), and I realized the email I sent it from was my non-school email by accident, sooo hopefully it wasn’t overlooked! Going home for my friend’s wedding this weekend means I actually really need my paycheck, eek. I emailed to confirm that it was received tonight so hopefully I’ll know tomorrow!


1. Gym pic before getting in a great workout before class! 3 miles (HIIT) on the treadmill and then back/bis
2. It is getting cold here (in the 30s last night!), so I added my fleece blanket in between my duvet (down comforter inside) and jersey sheets and it is cozyyy. I’ll probably need an electric blanket come winter though :P

It’s only 9:20 here right now and I know I should get more studying done but I am just exhausted. Maybe I’ll read and go to bed early instead!

Yep I think that’s what I’ll do.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!





Jeralean Talley is 115 years old 

the oldest living American

These are her hands when she was 113

I hope her kids, grandkids, great grandkids, whoever her family is, is taking advantage of being in the presence of living history…

This is so beautiful!

"The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering…"
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What a beautiful day today!

-got some good study hours in on campus this morning
-ate lunch with my friend at the brewery and wandered around Main Street
-cleaned the entire apartment and did laundry with Walter Mitty on in the background
-now sitting down to study some more, write my maid of honor speech and plan out my crazy upcoming week!
-roommate is still not home so I have the whole place to myself, which I’ve come to love!

"Go all the way with it. Do not back off. For once, go all the goddamn way with what matters."
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And in today’s snaps..

Today was really low key. I let myself sleep in because I’ve barely gotten enough sleep over the past few weeks (hence the bags under my eyes that were previously nonexistent). I then treated myself to a Starbucks and spent the rest of the day in the library. I had a quiet night in by myself tonight and it was just what I needed- pizza (ate half, saving the rest for lunch tomorrow) and Gilmore Girls! Now I’m reading in bed and going to sleep at a reasonable hour. Thankful tomorrow is Sunday! Not ready for the week yet- it’s going to be a crazy one.



Skyline Drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway today. The leaves are just starting to change and the cold wind is starting to blow. I’m so lucky to live where I live.



Missing home. So glad I get to go back next weekend.

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